1967 Triumph Bonneville T120



Please Note: for pickup or delivery, the seller will be out of town October 7-10 for the Barber Vintage Festival. With advance arrangements, the winner could pick this bike up from Barber during that time period.

Additional photos are available here for your perusal.

The seller of this Bonnie provided an excellent description, so we’ll let him take it from here:

This is from my personal collection. I bought it about 5 years ago, maybe longer, from the fellow that commissioned its restoration. He had one unit Bonneville of each year through 1970. I bought several from him and kept this one for myself. At the time, this had .2 miles on it, at least .2 miles since it was finished. The work was done maybe 10 years earlier.

I stored it in my own home, in a conditioned space with no gas or battery, which was the way I got it. This past year, I moved it to my shop in Edgewater, Florida, brought it to life, and fired it up. Now it has 12.9 miles and it may have a mile or two more by the time the auction is done.

I did not get documentation for the restoration. I’m told the work was done by Joe Hottenstein of Locust Grove Restorations with some parts sourced from Dick Drenning in Harrisburg. The work is obvious, clearly a frame-off every nut and bolt restoration. The bike pretty much speaks for itself.

It’s matching numbers (VIN: T120RDU52040, Engine #: T120RDU52040) with a Morgo big bore kit, high compression engine with electronic ignition.

Though not obvious, the slightly squared edge on the cylinders is the give-away. They cylinders are aftermarket. Different casting numbers, and one can feel the difference from a stock example particularly when kick starting. It’s not hard to start – but one will notice the much more compression from stock. Besides that, the components under the seat, and the screw-on valve caps, finned points cover, it looks stock. It looks basically like an antique Bonneville, but it will run with the modern big boys.

There’s a lot of detail, e.g. the polished cases, the polished cylinder head, fins, etc. Also, powder-coated frame, stainless steel spokes on reproduction rims with Dunlop K70s. The fender bolts are stainless but the heads turned down slightly on a lathe to make them look more original. That’s the kind of detail done by a good craftsman. The paint and chrome are immaculate. The rubber tank pads are put on with double sided tape, so they can be removed if you want.

Concentric carburetors came out in late 1967 as a mid-year change, so I’m not sure this example originally came with Concentrics or Monoblocs. The mid-year change also applied to the color, purplish and cream versus purplish and gold. So Concentrics are correct for this color.

Both carburetors were replaced with new and correct 900 series during its restoration. However, I changed the float bowls for ones which had a bowl plug so l could drain the fuel from each carburetor when not in use. I drain the gas from the carb & suck it from tank when I plan to park it more than a month, but it is now fueled and running for this auction. I don’t use ethanol. Fresh AGM battery too.

I replaced the ignition switch – because the owner had lost the key (actually the key he gave me did not work). I also replaced the aftermarket clutch with new OEM plates. I was not satisfied with the fitment of aftermarket clutch, so I had it replaced. That was done last fall by Tony Foster of Personal Cycle Service in Daytona, Florida. It also had a finned primary drive cover – which just didn’t look right. So, I replaced it with the correct cover. I have documentation for the work done during my ownership.

Fires right up today, runs all out and rides as new – probably better. No issues.

Currently located in Edgewater, Florida, this Triumph is offered on a clean Pennsylvania title. The seller is a licensed dealer in Florida and is “required to collect sales tax from Florida residents and certain in-state non-resident purchasers, not applicable to out of state shipments with bill of lading or deliveries. In those cases where any tax is collected, you should receive credit in your state and we provide necessary documentation. We have no dealer fees and no documentation fees.

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