Additional photos of this Rickman Zundapp are available here for your perusal.

Established in 1960, Rickman motorcycles initially supplied frame kits built for many British bikes, as companies would not sell engines to them. At the start of the 70s, Rickman got access to engines from all around the world, and started exporting several small-displacement motocross bikes, many to the United States. Ranging from 100cc to 250cc in displacement, today we look at the 125cc version – with an engine supplied by the former German firm, Zundapp.

The Rickman Zundapp 125 ISDT continued Rickman’s reputation of beautiful fiberglass work and high quality nickel-plated frames.

Components were of the highest quality – the tradeoff was a steep price, which didn’t help sales. Still, it was a lovely little bike with an incredibly reliable motorcycle and excellent craftsmanship.

This Rickman Zundapp (Engine #: 4632255) was restored by Jim Martin of Phoenix Precision Restoration in late 2012 and was then delivered straight to the seller to be put on display in his collection. It has not been started since, and is ready to captivate more eyeballs in a new collection.