Additional photos of this custom Ducati 750 GT are available here for your perusal.

At first glance, this Ducati might look like a 1979 900SS due to the black and gold paint scheme.

But on closer look, you’ll see that this is quite an interesting custom – a 750 GT restored between 2006-2009 by Mike and Candie Hurley of Vintage Desmo.

The history of this bike and the rebuild work is well-documented here on the Vintage Desmo site. We highly recommend that interested parties take a detailed look at the link, though we’ll summarize some highlights below: Hurley found it as a “basketcase ’74 750 GT in 2006” and “decided to make this bike a custom amalgamation of the bevel drive Ducatis that drive my passion for the brand. The idea was to keep it looking like a bike that could have been produced at the factory in the early 70’s but to take cues from many of the bikes from that era and build my dream bike.

Some of those cues include the aforementioned black/gold of the 900SS, as well as the “Z” stripe from the 750 Sport.

There’s also the curved Conti exhaust pipes from the 750 prototype.

Amusingly, there’s also a fly in the sight glass as a tribute to the California Hot Rod (Old Blue), which had an actual fly cast into the tank when it first arrived for Cook Neilson and Phil Schilling to compete with, eventually winning the 1977 Daytona Superbike race.

Custom bodywork (replica SS with Imola tank and single seat) made by Rick Covello.

The bike had covered approximately 40,000 miles before the restoration. The engine was given a top end rebuild with new valves, springs, bearings, bushings, valve guides, and 750 Sport pistons.

This is quite a build, and it should be noted there are some modern touches for the sake of the ‘riding experience’:
Dyna electronic ignition.

Works shocks.

Race Tech fork springs.

Front brakes from a Ducati 996.

In the restorer’s words, the “brakes and suspension are as far as I would go to modernize the bike though, the idea was to keep it as close to what the factory could have produced in 1974 as possible.” The current owner acquired it in November of 2015 with 116 miles on it since the restoration was completed, and he has exclusively had it on display.

It is engine #: 756216 DM750.

It has been sitting for a few years so we expect that it will need a new battery and a carb clean if the next owner would like to enjoy it on the road.

Thoughtfully created by Vintage Desmo and well-preserved by the current owner, this custom Ducati 750 is ready for a new home.