Additional photos of this 1982 Suzuki Katana are available here for your perusal.

In the late 70s and early 80s, Japanese manufacturers were selling standard bikes as fast as they could make them. And while most of the bikes were technically sound, they all started to emulate each other, creating the UJM (first coined by Cycle magazine). Some considered it efficient, others considered it boring. Either way, it’s why bikes like the Katana are very important in the history of motorcycles.

Suzuki’s Marketing Manager in Germany told his Japanese management, “we had the most technically advanced bikes, but their design was uninteresting!” In response, Suzuki hired a three person team called Target Design, led by the ex-chief of BMW’s styling, Hans Muth to update the ‘company image’. This was his first creation, which was an immediate show-stopper at the Cologne Motor Show in 1980. In fact, the fairing might remind you of a similar Muth creation – the BMW R65LS.

In 1100 form, the Katana had enough poke to back up the interesting styling thanks to 111 horsepower at 9,500 rpm and 71 lb-ft of torque at 6,500 rpm, good for a top speed of approximately 135 miles per hour.

This example is VIN: GS110X-524918, Engine #: GS110X-135472.

The seller states that it was restored “some years ago“, at the odometer was reset at that time. “It was used as a display by the person I bought it from and I kept it as a display until recently, when I decided to put it up for sale. When I took it out of display it still had 3km and some change on the odo. After having it commissioned again and made running and ready for sale it now has around 17km on the odo.

The work to make it road ready included an oil change, tune up, and full carb service. “Everything on the bike is in amazing condition and it requires no work to be done.

It is said to be stock with the exception of Marzocchi shocks and a period aftermarket exhaust, which the seller believes is either a Yoshimura or Bassani replica.

Overall this big Kat presents quite well and the seller includes several photos in the album up top to back that up. Thanks to the recent work, this is a rare opportunity to ride a Katana that feels like new – it’s a time machine back to 1982!

It is a splendid bike and anyone who loves 80s bikes, loves a Katana and especially an 1100. This bike can either be enjoyed, as it is fully running and ready to go or it can be put back as a display unit again for a collection.”