Additional photos of this 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition JDM are available here for your perusal.

In 1982, Suzuki began development of what would become a total game-changer of a sportbike and the first bonafide Japanese race-replica. Dubbed the GSX-R750, the new road-legal track weapon was unlike anything that had come before it. It was crazy lightweight, brimming with componentry previously only seen on race machines, fast as hell, and sold at a shockingly affordable price. Less than a year after the initial release of the GSX-R, Suzuki unveiled an even more hardcore, track-oriented version of the watershed model with the GSX-R750 Limited Edition. In order to qualify for AMA Superbike competition, Suzuki produced a total of 199 LE-spec Gixxers for the US market in 1986. At approximately two-grand more than the base model, the LE carried an MSRP of $6,499, making it the most expensive Japanese sportbike offering upon its release.

However, they also produced a version for their home market in Japan which was adorned in a livery which celebrated the success of Yoshimura’s racing team. According to the January 2017 edition of Practical Sportbike UK magazine, only 150 units were produced by Suzuki in this special colorway.

Separating the LE from the standard 750 was a revised suspension setup using GSX-R1100-spec 41mm forks equipped with Suzuki’s NEAS (New Electronically-Activated Suspension), and an aluminum-bodied remote reservoir mono-shock with an aluminum full floater linkage. Stopping power was bolstered via anti-dive full-floating 310mm rotors and dual-opposed piston calipers. The swing-arm on the LE was also stretched by an inch (25mm) for improved stability and a steering damper was added as a standard item. Quite possibly the biggest highlight on the new model, however, was its super trick dry clutch, which was married to a close-ratio six-speed gearbox. Replacing the base model’s wet-plate setup, the new dry clutch came paired with an adjustable clutch lever.

But the JDM Limited Edition got some additional goodies that the USA did not have: flat slide carburetors, all black ray gun exhaust, fuel gauge, city lights, headlight kill switch, deletion of side reflectors, and tinted turn signals.

This example is VIN: GR71G-100172.

The odometer shows 16,128 kilometers (10,080 miles).

We imported this bike from Japan on behalf of a client – it comes with a Japanese title but we’re working on getting an Oregon title that will arrive in the next 3-4 weeks.

It features a few upgrades, including Brembo calipers.

Aftermarket Mikuni carbs.

Yoshimura Cyclone exhaust, which has a dent in it.

It came to the US as a runner, but we took it up a notch last month with a service that included fresh fluids, new fork seals, new tires, and carb cleaning. We also had the rear shock rebuilt by Graves Motorsports.

The Limited Editions were often found on race tracks, making it difficult to even find a US version here in the states. But a JDM Limited Edition that’s already been titled for road use? Now that’s an Iconic Motorbike!

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