1990 Ferrari Testarossa


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Click here for a CARFAX on this 1990 Ferrari Testarossa. Additional photos are available here for your perusal.

If you were a teenager in the mid to late 80s, then you likely had a poster of this car on your bedroom wall. The Ferrari Testarossa is one of the most well-known and recognizable Ferraris in the world, and it still draws crowds today, even when placed beside more modern exotics – it is simply timeless.

On September 24th, 1984, a select group of Ferrari dealers were invited to see the introduction of the Testarossa in Modena, Italy, on the site of the original Scuderia Ferrari facility. The following day, the invitees were given special access to a pair of Testarossa prototypes and then experienced track time in the cars (with factory drivers behind the wheel) on the world renowned Imola circuit.

In grand fashion, on October 2nd, 1984, Ferrari presented the Ferrari Testarossa in Paris at the Lido Club on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and on the 3rd of October, at the Paris Motor Show at Porte de Versailles.

The Paris Motor Show in October 1984 established the Testarossa as heir to the 512 BBi. Pininfarina’s design broke with tradition and was striking and innovative. The side intakes were larger than on the previous model and this design element lended to the introduction of the long side strakes that would become the Testarossa’s most recognizable feature.

When released, the Testarossa was the world’s fastest production car, thanks to the 4.9 liter flat-12 engine which produced 380 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque. Car and Driver reported a 176 mph top speed in their September 1986 review.

Built in November of 1990, this Rossa Corsa Testarossa (VIN: ZFFSG17A2L0087270) was imported to the United States and arrived in California, where it was first offered for sale by Ferrari of San Francisco.

It is Assembly #: 04500 and is one of 452 produced for the US market in 1990.

On June 17th of 1991, she would go home with her first owner, a local car magnate who lived in San Mateo, California. The Ferrari would remain in California over the course of close to three decades and would be driven sparingly; just enough to keep the car in top running condition, never allowing for deterioration. The car resided in California from 1991 until her delivery to Texas on March 8th, 2020, where she was promptly placed in a climate-controlled collection that you may have noticed in the background of listings like this 1998 Yamaha R1 from a regular client of Iconic.

The odometer shows 11,041 miles.

The seller notes that this is a “concours condition car which is exceptionally original. All numbers match and it is 100% complete, including all books, manuals, tools, spare fuses, glove box work light, spare belts, jack, and spare tire as it came from the factory.”

It is a special order car with rare Nero leather dash over Beige seats.”

It is equipped with a “vintage and period correct Alpine stereo with cassette and remote CD changer (with original manuals).”

The sale also includes:
– Spare set of Ferrari floor mats to protect the original mats that are in “superb condition.”
– Two original keys with an original A.E. Lorioli key ring.

– The original Schedoni leather Owner’s Manual pouch.

This Testarossa comes with the “complete owner history, maintenance history and mechanic/technician history from day one, complied in chronological order and presented in a leather binder. Over the course of her 11,000 original miles, the car has received three full engine-out services by some of the most distinguished Ferrari mechanics in the United States. The most recent service just being completed in May of this year.

Modena Motors in Redwood City, California
Mechanic: Tony Palladino, also known for his work with Forza magazine as the lead Technical Consultant for the publication

GP Enterprises in Redwood City, California
Mechanic: Geoff Provo, with over 40 years experience in Ferrari maintenance

Brian Crall Ferrari Service in Austin, Texas
Mechanic: Brian Crall, a national level Ferrari concours judge and board member of the International Advisory Council for the Preservation of the Ferrari Automobile (IAC/PFA). He was also personally invited by Ferrari to judge at the 70th anniversary celebration concours at the Ferrari factory. “In conversation when I dropped the car off to Brian, he casually mentioned that this was a 99 out of 100 point car and one of the best he had seen in many years. He said that this car would/could easily win Platinum if entered into a show. He noted the non-OEM valve stem caps would be one of the few deductions he could see, which would obviously be an easy fix.”

Mr. Crall has also provided a digital letter to the seller, in which he said:
Ferrari Testarossa #ZFFSG17A2L0087270 last seen by me around 28 June 2021 is one of the best examples both cosmetically and mechanically I have seen in many years. It has a history of careful use and no expense spared service during its 31 year life. In June I finished a comprehensive major service and replacement of the differential carrier. The carrier used was one made by Paul Newman in Canada. If you are in the market for one of these wonderful cars and want to experience what a near new Testarossa was like I can think of no reason not to select this car.

During this latest engine-out service, with Mr. Crall in May of 2021, it was decided that it would be advantageous to accomplish a preventative maintenance measure while the engine was removed by installing a precision machined rear differential housing made by Paul Newman. The rear differential carrier is a known weak point in the Testarossa lineage and it wasn’t corrected by Ferrari over the course of the model run. Fortunately, this car’s original differential carrier was in excellent condition with no signs of wear or metal fatigue, but having the peace of mind that it will now never be an issue was worth the extra investment.

Paul Newman and his exclusive rear differential carrier replacement part are well-known in the Ferrari world. You can read about Paul and his innovative solution in the 2010 Forza Magazine, issue #100, published as a ‘Special Issue’.

The latest engine-out service with rear differential carrier installation is fully documented including photos. This recent service came to $16,276 in total. Having this car with a fresh service, accomplished by one of the premier Testarossa experts in the world, is a huge benefit over any other car on the market right now.

Now, with the full engine-out service being accomplished and the Newman Differential Carrier installed, this Testarossa is as bullet-proof as can be. She is ready for winning Platinum at the Cavallino Classic, participating in the Concours d’Elegance at the Ferrari Club of America Annual Experience, engaging in some spirited driving, arriving at the local Coffee and Cars or simply being admired in your collection; this Testarossa will not disappoint.

Also worthy of note, this car passed through the hands of Bruce Canepa and his organization in Santa Cruz, California in 2019. Aside from his racing career, Bruce is known worldwide for his work on the Porsche 959. His shop also employs the world’s best automotive artisans that work to preserve the most important road cars and competition vehicles for collectors all over the globe.

While at Canepa, this Ferrari was treated to a concours level detail with nothing left untouched. The chassis was cleaned from end to end, bringing the underside of the car back to how it left the Ferrari factory in Maranello. The interior, trunk and engine compartment were hand cleaned, leaving it nothing short of spotless, and the original single-stage paint was expertly polished to a stunning shine. The detail was a 55.7 hour job that was billed for $3,620. All maintenance done on the car from 1991 to present is fully documented, including the concours detail. A fresh Interstate battery was installed in March 2020, and the car has always been on a tender.

The seller notes one minor cosmetic issue: “the front valance has received some minor chipping on the lower lip. This is almost unavoidable as the geometry of the car makes it difficult to traverse practically any grade of pavement or speed bump. This can be confirmed by Mr. Crall as well (the normalcy of having these superficial chips – his personal Testarossa has also had the front valance refinished multiple times).”

This car will pass the most intense scrutiny by the most discerning buyer and I am happy to help with the journey. You won’t be disappointed.

Currently located in Houston, Texas, this Ferrari is offered on a clean Texas title. Have any Testarossa stories or questions about this listing? Let us know in the comments!

But there’s more to a real Ferrari, and make no mistake, this red head is a real Ferrari. There are those years when Enzo Ferrari raced cars himself, worked with Alfa Romeo, and made them champions…into the Testarossa go all those years of tears, determination and victory. In short, it has a soul…
– ‘Ferrari Testarossa’ by David Sparrow

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