Additional photos of this Honda Monkey Baja with Africa kit can be found here.

In 1991, Honda released a new variant of the Monkey/Z50R. Called the Baja, it featured rally-style dual headlights in addition to the taillight and turn signals. They were not officially sold in the US, but if you’re lucky you can find one of the rare examples that’s been imported across the Pacific.

It gets better, though – Honda created a kit that you could simply bolt on, turning the Monkey Baja into the Monkey Africa. In the Monkey’s long and illustrious history, this is probably the most special version. The core of the kit was a large one piece body, plus a matching decal to apply to the miniature windscreen. Note that the “tank” was just a large cover to be placed over the stock unit, so you don’t get any additional fuel capacity. In fact, to get access to the real tank you have to undo a latch to flip the top off the false tank.

You could also add a front fender extension and a skid plate, as well (not on the listed bike).

Image of advertisement provided by seller – not included in the sale.

This Monkey Baja (VIN: Z50J2003857) was discovered by the seller in Japan two years ago. He legally imported it to the United States and has put just 15 miles on it since.

The odometer shows 6,257 kilometers (3,910 miles).

In addition to the Africa kit, it has new bodywork paint, nearly new tires, aftermarket wheels, and a Hayashi swingarm.

The drivetrain is far from stock, with a Takegawa 88cc kit, Takegawa full exhaust, larger Keihin carb, oversize oil cooler, and a 4-speed transmission with clutch.

There are no mechanical issues to report – we’ve taken it for a quick spin ourselves and can verify that it starts on the first kick, the horn works, the idiot lights work, and it runs great! Just note that it has a rotary transmission (shift down for first, down for second, down for fourth, and then down again for neutral).

If you need some reference on just how small this Monkey is, here’s Abhi (6’2″) for scale:

We’re a big fan of this seller as he often shares fascinating JDM imports (like this custom EZ-9 we auctioned off several months ago), but he’s letting this go as he just has too many bikes at the moment. Whether you’re looking for a rare piece of Honda history or the ultimate pit bike, this kitted Monkey is sure to put a smile on your face!