Additional photos of this Ducati MH900e are available here for your perusal.

There are multiple motorcycles out there inspired by Mike Hailwood, but the Ducati MH900e Evoluzione might be the most visually extreme. Originally a sketch from the legenedary Pierre Terblanche, Ducati got plenty of positive feedback and decided to post a survey on their website to see if its passionate fans would actually buy a production version. 300 people said yes, so Ducati decided to build…2000 (half in the year 2000, and the other half in 2001). Continuing the website-based theme, Ducati offered the bikes for sale online – the first time any motorcycle manufacturer sold directly to the consumer. The first 1,000 bikes sold out in 31 minutes.

The MH900e used the engine from a 900SS (75 horsepower) but the lower gearing and fuel injection from a Monster 900, helping acceleration figures. A couple of interesting features did not make the jump from concept to production, including exhaust-integrated rear turn signals and a rearview camera/display. Owners were given a matching red paddock stand, plaque, and t-shirt, all of which incorporated the production number of their specific bike, though those are not included with this bike.

Many Ducatisti knew that this would be a collectible from the start, so a few (like this one) were tucked away with zero miles. We believe (but cannot confirm) that this example (VIN: ZDM1LA4N62B000779) was a catalog/promotional bike for Moto Corse, as it’s absolutely loaded with their parts.

This MH900e is basically brand new as it has never been registered. It’s offered with a bill of sale only. The wheels have painted the same blue as the Ben Bostrom 998S replica, and the parts from the Moto Corse catalog include a full exhaust, windscreen, mirrors, brake/clutch fluid reservoirs, clutch and belt covers, and rear sets. There’s also a EVR slipper clutch.

This is #521 of 2000, and the sale includes a stock exhaust and stock windscreen.

The MH900e is one of the most distinctive Ducatis ever made…and this one is as fresh as you’ll find.