Additional photos of this RSV1000R Nera are available here for your perusal.

In the early 2000s, Aprilia decided to launch the “Dream Series” of motorcycles and scooters – limited edition variants of their already-impressive machines. At the time, the Italian firm’s highest performing bike was the RSV1000R, so that’s what they used for the platform of the first Dream Series motorcycle – the Nera. Per Robert Pandya, Aprilia USA’s Promotions Manager when this bike was released: “Our Dream Series machines have been designed for the most discriminating enthusiast…while the series will expand into other model lines, it was natural for the RSV 1000 Nera to be the premier edition.

The biggest visual difference between the Nera and the RSV is the beautiful full set of carbon fiber body panels, though the limited run of bikes came with magnesium OZ wheels, a full titanium exhaust from Akrapovic, and even titanium nuts, bolts, and fasteners – all of which helped to remove over 30 pounds of weight.

According to Motorcyclist, actor (and eventual host of Top Gear) Matt LeBlanc got the first Nera that came to the US. The article also explains that Nera buyers were provided with perks like a trip to a 2004 MotoGP race and the option of a personalized tour of Aprilia’s headquarters in Noale, Italy.

Inside the 60-degree V-twin engine, which Aprilia dubbed the ‘V60 Magnesium +’, the Nera featured magnesium covers, titanium nuts and bolts, 57mm throttle bodies and pistons with a molybdenum disulphide surfacing to reduce friction.

The net result was ~140 horsepower, and thanks to the Nera’s light 386 lb claimed weight it felt like even more. To match this extra go, Aprilia also uprated the Nera with the first radial master cylinder seen on a production bike, which was added to the RSV’s standard radial Brembo brake setup.

All of this glory didn’t come cheap – MSRP in the US was approximately $40,000. Unfortunately for Aprilia, the Dream Series didn’t take off, and the Nera was the first and last of them. Actor Matt LeBlanc was the first to get a Nera sold in the US.

This Nera (VIN: ZD4RRC0274S000026) has just two kilometers on the odometer, and it’s offered with on the MSO as it’s never been titled or registered. The MSO is made out to Detroit Eurocycles in Eastpointe, Michigan (no longer in business), and it interestingly says that the model is a “RSV 1000 Dream”.

This is one of the last few bikes we have from the 0-mile collection we’ve been selling off the last few months. Unfortunately, the owner of the bike sourced all the bikes through a broker and does not have any history on it. The swingarm recall has not been performed.

The tires are original.

Per the above article, “Buyers are escorted through every step of the sale by an Aprilia concierge, who is based at Aprilia world headquarters in Italy. In addition to personalized service, each Nera also comes with a unique list of standard “equipment,” including custom-fitted Dainese leathers, Aprilia helmet and gloves and a performance exhaust system. Original Nera owners are also members of an elite club that includes such benefits as a trip to a 2004 Motorcycle Grand Prix event and VIP hospitality from the GP squad. Owners can also take advantage of a personalized tour of the Aprilia SpA factory, located near Venice, Italy.”

This is equipped with a dual titanium racing exhaust and an Akrapovic Aprilia Racing exhaust is included as well. The helmet and leathers are not included.

Beyond that, all we know is that it has spent its life in a collection and that the sale includes 2 keys.