Additional photos of this set of RG500 bodywork are available here for your perusal.

We’ve heard your requests about occasionally offering up rare parts, so we’re mixing it up today with some bodywork! RG500 panels are hard enough to find in individual components as they’ve been discontinued, but here you’ll find an almost complete set of Suzuki RG500 bodywork – it’s only missing the tank, and it should be noted that the belly pan pieces have melted and probably aren’t salvageable. Please take a good look at the photo album above, and let us know if you need any other images!

You’ll get the upper fairing, both lowers, the bellypan, tail, and a seat. Most of it is in good shape (including the tabs), and there’s a little bit of plastic welding on both sides of the upper fairing near the mirror mounts. The belly pan pieces have melted and aren’t really salvageable as you can see from the photos.

This livery is Canadian-spec, but we can not confirm what year this bodywork was from.

This would require minimal work for a painter to clean up and restore. Good luck, and don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s other special things you’d like to see us post, like gear!