Additional photos of this AJS Stormer are available here for your perusal.

AJS released their first motorcycle in 1910, a 298cc single built to race in the Isle of Man. Over the next few decades they had quite a history, being sold to Matchless in 1931 and becoming part of AMC (Associated Motorcycles), then becoming part of Norton-Villiers in 1966, joining other brands like Norton, BSA, and Triumph.

Instead of letting the AJS name completely die out, Norton-Villiers decided to use it for a motocrosser using Starmaker 250 engines. The motor was a bit outdated, though the all-new frame design was top-notch – it was the first MX bike to feature shocks that had been moved up as well as leading axle forks. Head on over to Motocross Action Magazine to learn more if you so desire. Or, here’s a detailed explanation that includes photos of this exact bike!

This specific example (VIN: Y1298) has quite a story. After the distributor put on break-in miles, it was given to Cycle World for testing.

For unknown reasons, the bike stayed with the magazine after AJS went out of business, so the bike went to Cycle World’s off-road editor and spent some time on display in their office. It eventually changed hands in a Cycle World auction.

The winner of the bike at that auction later sold it to the current owner, and this AJS still just has testing miles on it.

It has the original Dunlop Sports tires, which according to the MAM article above are worth about a grand just by themselves when in “like-new” condition!

If you’re a baseball fan, you may appreciate that the owner of this machine is Robin Yount, the Hall of Fame shortstop! It’s ready to display as is, though if you want it to be a runner then our White Glove service would be glad to get it sorted for you.