As you’ve seen over the years, Iconic constantly works on some of the world’s rarest motorcycles – and that means we’re constantly searching for parts for the world’s rarest motorcycles! We’ve developed a lot of great sources that can help us track down what we need, but occasionally we get stuck and need some help. Below are parts that Iconic needs, and we’re checking to see if our great community might have a lead. 

Have one and want to sell it to us? Please reach out to with some photos and your asking price!

Thanks in advance for helping us get some Iconic Motorbikes back on the road!

Kawasaki KZ1300 Igniter – Part # 21119-1005

Bimota YB9 Bellaria Dash/Bush Board/Cruscotto Digitale – Part # 501382010 Possibly #56C6589.

Bimota YB9 Bellaria Dash

Honda RC30 Fuel Tank – Part #: 17505-MR7-010ZA. We need the JDM-spec tank, which has a yellow wing with white Honda lettering.

1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R ELR Fuel Tank – Part #: 5100110927F. 1983 is the second year of production (KZ1000R2), which has a blue stripe on top of a white stripe on the sides of the tank as well as both 1981 and 1982 on the sticker on the top of the tank.

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