Iconic Motorbikes Service Department

Phone: (424) 228-4148

3100 Donald Douglas Loop N
Corporate Hangar 1
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday-Saturday: By Appointment Only Between 9am-5pm
Sunday, Monday: Closed

Why come to Iconic Motorbikes for service?
– Your bike will be kept inside our secure facility at all times. No taking your bike in and out every day to make room like at many other shops.
– We have dealer contracts with Dymag, Ohlins, Mithos, Parts Unlimited, and plenty more!
– We’ve vetted out the best painters and outside contractors for anything we can’t handle in-house.
– Whether it’s simple service, custom builds, or full frame-off restorations, we can do it all!

Now that we’ve moved into a new building, we’ve expanded our service department! We firmly believe that we should be able to service what we sell – and we sell a wide variety of fascinating motorcycles so we need wrenches who can keep up.

It all started with Steve Brousseau, who we like to call The Professor. When Iconic originally started years ago, we didn’t have any plans to hire a mechanic. But Steve was working across the street, and when he came by Adam asked him what his track bike was. Steve said “Suzuki TL1000R”, and that’s what Adam has a soft spot for. Adam’s response was a simple question, “…when can you start?”

Steve’s first ride was in 1968 on a Honda CB175 that belonged to one of his dad’s friends, and it “lit his fire” for motorcycles! “I have owned over 40 bikes through the years, won the AHRMA Formula 3 class at Willow Springs in 1985 and have been involved in some sort of racing for over 35 years! His favorite place is the Rock Store, his favorite track is Willow Springs, and his favorite thing is motorcycles!

Steve has over 40 years of industry experience including time with multiple racers such as Russ Collins, Aaron Gobert, and Jeremy Toye. Somehow, he’ll work on anything and find solutions that are to OEM specifications or better, if given the opportunity. We are very fortunate here that most of the bikes arrive in decent shape, but we occasionally get something in less than ideal condition. When that happens, we’ve been able to tap into a large network of friends that are always willing to lend a hand or expertise. Sometimes it can take a while to source a needed part, but we’ve always been able to make it work through friends or dedicated internet searches. It may sometimes take longer than we want, but we’re always able to get a bike up to Iconic standards.

Our service team includes:

Olly Hutchinson
Olly campaigned 125cc road race bikes from 1993-1995, progressing from club to British Championships. He then started working in racing the following year, which led to 5 years in the 250cc and 500cc Grand Prix World Championships. He came to work in the United States in 2002, where he started a 15 year stint at Graves Yamaha – the last 10 years he was the engine builder and crew chief, winning championships with Ben Bostrom, Cam Beaubier and Garrett Gerloff. He then spent 2018 and 2019 at Yoshimura as a SBK engine builder. Olly’s now been with us for almost a year, and he greatly appreciates Steve’s help!

Daniel Gonzalez
Born and raised in Altadena, California, Daniel has been wrenching since he could walk and riding since he was 10. “When I’m not working on bikes at work, I’m working on my own bikes and car restorations at home. I am Level 4 Ducati certified and love working on exotic and rare motorcycles.”

Angel Hernandez
Born in Los Angeles, Angel is a Certified Master technician for Kawasaki, Ducati, Suzuki, BMW, and Honda. “I’ve been a motorcycle technician for 12 years and have been certified by MMI, Ducati of North America, and Dynojet. My favorite manufacturer is Kawasaki, I ride a 2006 Kawasaki Ninja stunt bike and my favorite thing to do is pop wheelies with hundreds of friends!”

Please note that our labor rate is $170/hour. Members of the Iconic Club get a $20/hour discount.

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