While it can be sad to see bikes leave, we love knowing that they’re going to happy caretakers who will enjoy them. Here’s a tale from Dustin, who recently won this Honda RC51 on Iconic Motorbike Auctions…then he flew in from Colorado and rode his new bike back home!

I’ve been looking semi-seriously for a black 2006 RC51 for several years now.  I have always wanted one, and even though owning a superbike is extremely unpractical for me (you’ll see why later) I felt I needed to scratch that itch as some point soon.  Why an RC51?  I’m a Honda freak – I think the count is up to 15 currently owned including a ’74 Elsinore 250, an ’86 Z50 Christmas Special, an ’06 CR250, and a few more modern dirtbikes as well.  When I found Iconic on Instagram I knew eventually the right RC51 would come up, and as it turned out it didn’t take as long as I expected.

While I was bidding on the auction, I decided to do a fly and ride. I knew I could have the bike shipped to Colorado, and Adam even reached out a few days before I was scheduled to fly in to make sure I still wanted to ride it home, but I wanted to see the bike in person as well as Iconic’s showroom so I didn’t change my plans.

My flight boarded in Denver as scheduled which should have put me at LAX at 8:00 PM, but we stayed at the gate for 2 1/2 hrs while a tire was changed on the plane, so by the time we actually pushed back it had snowed and we had to wait for a while to get de-iced…this was not starting off too smooth. 

I felt awful as well because Adam offered to pick me up at LAX and brought me a great dinner from Cheesecake Factory and by the time I actually got there is was 10:30PM.  Anyway, he was great and we chatted until like 12:30 AM – we could have talked for hours, but I had to get some sleep and I didn’t want to keep his wife up with the noise – I wish I could have met her!  I think Adam was a little concerned when I told him this was the first streetbike I’ve ever owned LOL, but I told him I ride/race offroad regularly and have for 35 years.

5:30 alarm, I’m up and dressed in a flash – super excited to see my bike and get her home.  Adam was already up, we walked to Iconic, toured the shop – another place I could have spent hours given unlimited time.  Adam and I discuss route out of Cali and he draws me a map that worked perfectly and that I’ll keep with the bike forever. 

All said and done I’m ready to depart Iconic at 6:30AM.

I stop briefly to fill my MSR fuel container – just in case of emergencies, and I’m off and ready to hop on 90 east!  Heading to Barstow for my 1st stop, 150 miles in, the crosswinds were extreme and I have to admit that part was not a lot of fun, but I stopped for fuel and got 2 separate compliments on how awesome the bike was. 

Gas & go, on to Needles, CA, crosswinds weren’t as bad, but still there. 

Stopped for gas & lunch in Kingman, AZ as I knew that was my last shot at In & Out.

On to Flagstaff, AZ and back into the pine trees before I dropped into the Navajo Indian Reservation.  I was racing the sun, because as a rule, it’s not safe to be riding on the reservation after dark, and had I been going with the sun instead of against it, I would have made it the whole 775 miles home easily.

I stopped in Kayenta, AZ and had dinner, visited the Navajo Code Talker display – that’s a really awesome thing that everyone should know about.  We used the Navajo language as an unbreakable code during WWII – the Japanese and Germans had no way of translating! 

Anyway, my wife picked me up with a trailer and we made the final 150 miles of the trip.  I was bummed to have to do that, but it was the smart thing to do. So 6:40 AM PST to 5:51 PM MST I made 647.5 miles.  No issues, and despite everyone’s warnings, it wasn’t even that uncomfortable – I could have easily done the last 150 miles had it not got dark on me.  I loved the bike before, but riding made me fall in love with it even more – it just hummed along at 90mph all day, not one hiccup.  If I would have had someone with me on the trip it would have been absolutely fabulous – at it was, it was a quick adventure that I’ll remember always.  So I mentioned that owning a bike like this is totally impractical for me – even more than most people.  This is why.  I live 7 miles up a dead-end dirt road. 

This bike won’t be a daily driver for sure, for that reason and others, but I’ll enjoy it thoroughly.  It’s not practical, but we don’t own things like RC51s because they are practical, we own them because they are Iconic.