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Australian Motorcycle News Revisits Iconic Motorbikes

In 2020, Australian journalist Mark Boxer came to visit us and featured Iconic in a multi-page spread in Australian Motorcycle News Magazine. He came back four years later to see what’s new:

The name Iconic works perfectly for your business. Clearly all the bikes in here are iconic, but where do you draw the line with what is just a run-of-the-mill bike and what is a really collectable one?

We truly believe that every bike is iconic to someone, so you’ll see projects, new bikes, rare bikes, racebikes, customs… you name it. We really try to be ‘anything on two wheels’, so we can help the anyone and everyone find their dream bike… and getting more people on motorbikes is our main motivation.”

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Isle of Man TT: The world’s most dangerous motorcycle race | 60 Minutes

In 2023, Iconic sponsored our friend Rennie Scaysbrook in his quest to tackle the Isle of Man. 60 Minutes had a great segment highlighting Rennie with some other riders and we were excited to see some shots of him in his Iconic leathers/helmet!

Motorevija: “Every Motorcycle Is Iconic To Someone

Croatian journalist Kristijan Tičak visited Adam and Abhi to see the shop in person, join us for a Sunday ride, and help spread the word about Iconic in Europe!

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Shops: Iconic Motorbikes

“Adam Tromp had a chaotic childhood with worldwide travel, no stable home, no chance to attend school on a regular basis, and no opportunity to establish roots. But he had one constant—a love of motorcycles that began at an early age.

So later in life when working in corporate America began eating at his soul, Tromp left it all behind, sought a new life in motorcycles, and founded a multi-faceted company called Iconic Motorcycles…”

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Robb Recommends: From Ducatis to Hondas, This California Shop Sells Iconic, Lust-Worthy Motorcycles

“The shop has become a leading destination for both seasoned collectors and anyone searching for their personal bucket-list ride (nearly any model can be sourced). “This is a very niche part of the industry, but it’s growing faster than we could have imagined,” says founder Adam Tromp. “We’ve gotten to the stage where the rarest bikes in the world now find us, which is nice.” Also nice? A chance to own the very same motorcycles that hung on posters on your wall as a kid.”

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Destinations: Iconic Motorbikes

“Iconic Motorbikes is the new kid on the block, and its collection of fin-de-siècle motorcycles is just what was missing. RC and NC30 Hondas, rare GSX-Rs, OW Yamahas and ZX-7s are the heart of the collection, with Italian masterpieces and others also on display.”

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The 15 Best Auction Houses

“Having built a reputation for their work building, restoring, and selling classic sportbikes, Iconic Motorbikes partnered with Bike-urious in 2019 to create an online auction site exclusively dedicated to flipping such gems. Featuring rare and vintage pieces as well as custom builds, Iconic Motorbike Auctions is your best bet if you’re looking for all things two-wheeled. What’s more, Iconic offers a comprehensive list of services, including on-the-bike maintenance, part sourcing, transportation, storage, documentation, appraisal, and even putting together a listing.”

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Hide Your Wallets, Iconic Motorbikes Is Doing Auctions Now

“The Internet has simultaneously become both a little safer and a little more dangerous for you. Now, in addition to selling some beautiful examples of the kind of bikes I wish my garage was filled with, Iconic Motorbikes has just started doing auctions. If you need a moment to go freeze your credit card in a block of ice and lock it safely in your freezer, go ahead. I’ll wait.”

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1993 Honda CBR900RR Goes For $24,000

Our friends at Iconic Motorbikes and have collaboratively started up an online auction business, dealing mainly in, what shall we call these superbikes of the `90s? Classic superbikes? Pre-Recession Relics? This zero-miles CBR already sold a week or two ago for a somewhat hefty sum, but then this is a special 27-year old RR.

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“I don’t have enough words to say how impressed I am with your team and yourself. I also cannot express how excited I am to own a GSXR400. I will be calling you so you can hear my excitement when the shipper gets here. Again, this experience has been incredible so far and will only get better when I am carving corners on my 400 next to my best friend on his NSR250. Thanks so much and let’s please stay in touch. Please tell your guys thank you from the bottom of my heart. And let the previous owner know that she is in good hands.” – Eric K.

“Thanks so much for all your help, Adam. I will recommend Iconic to anyone who’s looking to sell or buy.” – Duncan W.

“Thanks guys. Best customer service on the planet!” – Brian A.

“I appreciate you guys and what you do. It seems many shops/dealers have lost their personality over the years. You guys bring the fun and excitement back into the buying experience. I love that.” – Ashley K.

“Sitting at home watching F1 with my dog and buying my dream bike.  I may tear up. Thanks guys.” – Ted D.

“I just sold a Honda CBR900RR with Iconic Motorbikes, very happy with the service and results.” – Maciej B.

“Thank you very much for putting this together. Working with you was easy and the process was as well.” – Jeff W.

“Know that you’re absolutely going to get taken care of, before, during and after the sale. Most importantly, if you want that feeling of joy and aspirational achievement that only the right motorcycle can give you – and you want to feel all that without the hangover of regret that comes from buying the wrong bike from the wrong seller – then Iconic Motorbikes is the place for you.” – David C.

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