Additional photos of this CZ 400 Falta Replica are available here for your perusal.

In 1974, Jaroslav Falta came within 6 points of winning the 250cc World Championship. It all came down to the final round in Switzerland, during which Falta had a slim deficit to overcome to go from 2nd place to 1st overall. Many believe that Russian riders kept bumping into Falta (causing him to crash in both races) to protect Russian KTM rider Gennady Moiseev, the holder of first place. Despite the interference, Falta was still able to win both races – or so he thought.

The Russians protested, saying Falta had jumped the start. FIM agreed with the Russians, and Jaroslav was stuck with a controversial second place finish in the overall standings. To commemorate this almost-victory, the CZ released “Falta Replicas” in 250 and 400 (actually 380cc) variants.

This CZ (Frame #: 981.5.001907/Engine #: 981.2.005197) has undergone an older restoration, however the owner acquired his vintage MX bikes (we have more coming soon) through a variety of auctions and we’re sorry to say that the details on provenance and who handled the restoration are basically non-existent. However, if you recognize the bike or the craftsmanship, we would love to hear from you!

Racers commonly ditched the Jikov carb for Mikuni units, but this bike retains the original Czechoslovakian-built carb.

Racers also frequently got rid of the original air shocks, and that’s how this bike is presented.

With touches like the coffin tank, leather tank strap, finned head, and Barum tires, this CZ makes for an excellent display piece. But if you’d like it to make a runner, our White Glove service can easily arrange for that as well.