Additional photos of this 1982 Honda CBX are available here for your perusal.

Honda wasn’t actually the first to put a 6-cylinder powerplant in a production motorcycle – Benelli earned that honor with the 750 Sei. But the CBX was much more popular, and it jump-started a line-up that had become stale in enthusiasts minds. Honda had barely touched the CB750 while Kawasaki had upped the ante with the Z1 and Yamaha was running circles around the big bikes with the RD350. The CBX captured everyone’s attention as the fastest bike of the day, complete with a quarter-mile trap speed of 117.95 @ 11.36 seconds. As Cook Neilson put it in a February 1978 issue of Cycle magazine, “but the objective—to build the fastest production motorcycle for sale anywhere in the world—has been met. The bike is more than fast; it is magic.

In its first two years, the CBX was a standard sportbike. But for 1981, Honda changed things up and turned the CBX into a sports tourer with a large fairing, optional color-matched luggage, a re-tuned powerband, and Pro-Link monoshock rear suspension.

The seller of this example (VIN: SC06-2303165, Engine # SC03E-2301378) acquired it approximately 2 years ago from “a 70 year old gentleman that had retired and had purchased the bike 11 years prior to that from a dealer in Pretoria inland. He loved the bike and unfortunately his wife had pressured him to sell the motorcycle. I was extremely privileged to acquire such a good example of this bike that had been fastidiously well cared for by this older man.

During his ownership, the seller has put on approximately 1,250 miles. The odometer currently shows 14,015 kilometers (8,709 miles).

The seller is not 100% sure of the model year of this CBX, as it spent time out of the South African system and was re-introduced in 2007. It is currently offered on clean South African title and is listed as a 1982, which corresponds with the original Pearl Altair White bodywork.

The seller is letting it go as “I am thinning out the collection and changing focus. I am selling most of my bikes one by one.” You may have recently seen his Kawasaki KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica here on Iconic Motorbike Auctions.

Mechanically, the seller states “it has had various oil changes and not needed any attention, mostly because I keep this bike alive and take it out most weekends. I never leave this bike to stand without use, as it is very bad for the carbs and fuel system on these CBX bikes to stand.” Cosmetically, the seller notes that “it has the odd chip here and there, but nothing unsightly, very consistent with a good example of its age. The bike presents very well and turns a lot of heads when it goes out.” Per the seller, the South African-market CBXes were not sold with luggage.

The seller is not aware of any mechanical issues. He took it for a 40 mile ride right before listing it with us and says that it ran great and has “the most fantastic sound“, so he’s included a sound clip from his ride:

That beautiful sound comes from the stock 6-into-2 heads that end with Cowley exhaust cans – this is the only modification to this CBX.

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