Additional photos of this Suzuki GSX-R750 are available here for your perusal.

Bennetts calls the 1990 “arguably the best of the oil-cooled [Gixxers]”, as it got a tremendous amount of incremental changes from the previous year even though they look quite similar to the 1989 bikes. It was also the last year you could get a Gixxer with the exposed dual headlights, a style that many collectors prefer.

Suzuki fans like to call this generation of Gixxers the Slingshot, as the bikes used “slingshot” carbs. They were designed as a hybrid of flat-slide carbs and CV carbs, and the term referred to the shape of the slide. Plus, it’s just a great nickname!

The engine, suspension, body work, brakes, and even chassis all got upgrades, ending in a bike that produced 115 horsepower (49 state models) and weighed 425 pounds.

The ’90 got a stiffer frame, longer swingarm, thicker front brake rotors, new 4:1 exhaust, Mikuni BST38SS carbs (2mm larger than 1989), lighter pistons, larger capacity oil pump, larger oil cooler, wider rear rim, and more. Most importantly, Suzuki went back to a long-stroke motor for 1990, which helped with low RPM torque.

This GSX-R (VIN: JS1GR7AA1L2102768) is being offered by the second owner, who acquired it years ago as a companion to an endurance racer he had built. It had 4,598 miles when he acquired it, and the original owner was storing it in his living room when he sold it. It’s a 49 state model, which means it’s free from the additional emissions equipment required for sale in California. These also had slightly larger fuel tanks to take advantage of the space left by the lack of emissions equipment.

Per the seller, “initially, I thought of returning it to the street after it’s long hibernation. However, for me it’s so clean and unmolested (still has the original Michelin tires) and ultimately because excellent examples have become increasingly scarce, I can’t bring myself to ride it. So, like the previous owner it has been stored in a climate controlled garage as it was found.

In 1990, a steering damper was an option to be dealer-fitted and this bike is so equipped. It also comes with two period upgrades – the smoked windshield and Yoshimura exhaust. The sale includes the original parts as well as a cover that was purchased at the dealership.

It has been on static display for years, so you should expect the usual recommissioning of a carb clean, battery, and (in this case) new tires if you want to ride this bike on the street.

Please note that the gas cap operates with a separate key.

This is a beautiful example of the best year of Suzuki’s iconic 2nd generation GSX-R750. Will you keep it on display or put it on the road?