Additional photos of this 1993 Suzuki GSX-R400 are available here for your perusal.

Introduced in 1984, the Suzuki GSX-R400 was initially just released in Japan. It went through a big revision in 1990, in which it gained a twin loop frame and USD forks. 1993 saw the usual change of Bold New Graphics and a slight power decrease to 53 horsepower. Other critical specifications remained the same, such as a claimed weight of 372 pounds.

These mid-sized race-replicas are a joy to rip around on – you’re constantly pinned and, as MCN puts it, it’s rewarding to ride fast because the handling is excellent.

Considering this bike is over a quarter of a century old, it’s in excellent mechanical and cosmetic shape. We love 400cc grey market imports because that displacement was highly regulated by Japan and OEMs responded with constant evolution to stay on top of the market.

This rare grey market import is powered by a screaming 400cc inline four-cylinder engine with a 15,000rpm redline, weighs less than 400lbs, and has excellent handling. It is mostly stock with an OEM front fender, and rear cowl cover, but the airbox is missing. It does have an aftermarket Autorimessa/Racin’ Function pipe that sounds quite nice, along with a set of flat-slide carburetors.

Overall the bike is in excellent shape. It appears to have fallen over at some point on the left side, but the damage is very minor: the left panel is pretty much perfect and only marks are on rear left side tail section and are very minor. Other than that, there’s a small chip of paint missing on the tank, but it is very small and a good touch up guy could sort it out pretty quickly as the damage is to the paint only and not a ding in the metal itself.

The motor and frame are quite clean, unlike most grey market import bikes, but there’s a little oxidation on the rearsets, mostly noticeably on the heel guards, and the white paint on wheels needs to be redone. We were planning to re-powder coat the wheels, but realized the new owner might want a different color or a different tire, so we left them as-is.

The bike starts and runs, and Steve the Professor has gone through the carbs.

The Michelin Pilot Power 2CT tires are basically un-used and were installed in late 2017, but they date back to mid-2012.

The GSX-R400 was never officially imported to the US and you can’t register 11 digit VINs in CA, but the bike does come with a clean UT title that’s good just about everywhere else. Mileage is 12,962 km which is about 8,055 mi. This is a great little bike which is a blast to ride.