Additional photos of this Muzzy Kawasaki ZX-7R are available here for your perusal.

The seller documented his ~4 year build on the Kawasaki Ninja ZX Forum, in which he explains the story of this 7R:

“I live on the west coast of the US. Years ago I was looking at a Craigslist ad in Florida of an M model. Unassuming. Nothing special, other than listed as a plain 95 ZX7. I could see the M blocks (no such thing for a 95) and the frame looked like a race frame. No other tips on it. I asked for a few more pics and jumped in my truck to go buy this bike. To my surprise, it was a superbike modded M frame. VIN was hand stamped with too many digits. I contacted Muzzy years ago, sending pictures of the frame. Rob confirmed that it was one of his frames.”

The seller acquired several “M” race parts but didn’t get enough to build a complete bike, so he sold the frame and parts off to someone in Europe. The seller eventually found his treasure trove of additional race parts and went back to the person he sold the frame to, buying it (and some additional parts) back so that he could put a complete bike together.

Per the seller, this bike started as Steve Crevier’s. “I painted my new old stock Muzzy fairings to number 4…and added the endurance tank and endurance swingarm.”

The list of components is lengthy and tremendous:

Muzzy braced frame.

Factory Works engine with magnesium covers, works crank, works intake cam, works oil pump, works clutch, works head, works engine cases, on and on. Kit exhaust cam, pistons and rods (Muzzy wouldn’t run Pankl rods. Kitted 38mm FCRs, fiberglass race airbox, kit harness with ignitor and kit coils.

Factory Works Ohlins magnesium forks (Doug Chandler’s). AP front brake master, calipers, and rotors.

Factory Works Ohlins shock (Terry Rymer’s)

Factory lever clutch perch and cable.

Muzzy endurance swingarm with Muzzy magnesium side adjuster blocks and lift hooks.

Kit 17″ Marchesini wheels with factory big offset rear rotor and kit Nissin caliper.

Muzzy full race titanium exhaust with long can.

Kit race fuel tank upgraded to endurance quick fill.

Muzzy battery tray.

Kit rearsets.

Muzzy modded clip-ons.

Muzzy upper and lower fairings and Airtech tail using Muzzy upper fairing stay.

Muzzy subframe.

Kit radiators with Muzzy brackets.

Muzzy gauge stay with kit tach and temp gauges.

According to the builder, this bike currently runs – however it will likely need a tune and service that our White Glove service can assist with. If you’re a fan of Muzzy and Kawasaki (and why wouldn’t you be?), this race bike is an absolute treat that’s full of original race parts.

Nicky bike not included!