Additional photos of this Bimota SB8K are available here for your perusal.

In this 2006 First Ride on Motorcyclist, Brian Catterson notes that he had first been given the opportunity to ride the SB8K in 2000, but the next morning at WSBK in Misano, “the Bimota truck was nowhere to be seen. Drowning in debt from its failed Vdue two-stroke project, the company had gone out of business.

The SB8K Santamonica (named after the race track now called Misano), was the successor to the SB8R, and it had tremendous potential – Catterson noted that “what I would have written back in 2000, had there been a point, was that the SB8K was the best twin-cylinder sportbike I’d ever ridden; more than a match for the reigning Ducati 996 and miles better than the rotary-shocked Suzuki TL1000R from which its engine was derived.”

Bimota claimed 143 horsepower and a dry weight of just 385 pounds for the SB8K, but by the time it was actually released the design was nearly a decade old and bikes like the Ducati 999 had surpassed the Bimota dynamically. And the price point didn’t help – MSRP was a staggering $45,900, $15k more than a 999R. As you’d expect, the components were top notch – Ohlins 43mm forks and monoshock, radially mounted Brembo brakes, OZ forged wheels, and ample carbon fiber.

This SB8K (VIN: ZESSB8K00YR000010) is #10, and it’s offered on the original MSO. Due the bankruptcy that interrupted production, this MSO interestingly has a date of June 30, 2004 – though the “year” of model is 2000.

US regulations don’t allow for carbon fiber fuel tanks, so Bimota sold the US bikes with a steel tank. The Euro-spec carbon fiber tank was available separately (for track use only, of course) for $3,600, and this Santamonica has it.

It is part of the 0-mile collection that we’ve been offering up over the last few weeks, and it is currently on display with our friends at Dainese Los Angeles in Santa Monica, California. We cannot find a single cosmetic flaw with it, and we know it’ll be an attention grabber in whatever collection it goes to next! If you’d like to ride this machine, our White Glove service would be glad to recommission it for you.