2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR #151

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Sold on January 27, 2024


Click here for an VINData Motorcycle History Report on this 2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR. Additional photos are available here for your perusal.

In 2007, Casey Stoner won his first MotoGP World Championship aboard Ducati’s V4 Desmosedici racer. That same year, the Bologna brand would unleash one of the most exotic and elite production motorcycle of the last 20 years with the Desmosedici D16RR (or “Race Replica”). Limited to just 1,500 units worldwide, the ultra-exclusive two-wheeler was the closest thing the public had ever seen to a MotoGP bike with headlights for sale.

While the D16RR is often referred to as a “detuned version” of the Italian prototype racer, it actually featured an all-new 989cc, 90-degree V4 with gear-driven cams, twin-pulse firing order, Desmo valve actuation, single-piece forged steel crankshaft, and sand-cast aluminum crankcases and cylinder heads. The RR was good for close to 200hp and 85ft-lbs of torque when equipped with the special race ECU and exhaust system which was included with each bike. In road-going trim, it was still capable of putting down 180 horses. Top speed was an equally impressive 190 mph thanks to a dry weight of only 377 lbs (425 lbs wet).

The first-ever four-cylinder production Ducati, the Desmo RR boasted a heap of race-grade hardware. Brakes consisted of the same units used on Ducati’s MotoGP bikes (wet setup) with dual four-piston radial-mount monoblocs and floating 330mm discs. Ohlins supplied its 43mm gas-pressurized FG353P forks and PRXB mono-shock.

The bodywork, heel-guards, fenders, fairing bracket, and subframe are comprised of carbon fiber, while the exhaust heat-shield is made from a carbon-ceramic composite. Ducati’s MotoGP bike for the street also utilized a steel trellis frame derived from the brand’s premier class racer, and even the LCD display was plucked straight off the GP7. The whole thing rolls along on $20K Marchesini forged and machined magnesium wheels wrapped in special Bridgestone rubber developed exclusively for the D16RR. As one would expect on a motorcycle with a $70K+ sticker price, the fit and finish on the Desmo RR is absolutely exquisite. Each of the 1,500 units was built by hand by a special team and each example bares a numbered plaque.

This example is VIN: ZDM1ZDFW68B000151, Engine #: ZDF1000859.

It is #0151/1500.

The seller is our friend and noted collector, Kaming Ko, and the following is his story of acquiring the bike:

“Back in 2006 I was riding with the Pegram Formula Extreme AMA Ducati Team and we earned a Superbike program for 2007-2008. During this period, Ducati offered MotoGP Replicas, aka D16RR, to the general public and Ducati 999R owners would have priority. For some reason, I wasn’t in the market for this bike since I already had two 996RS’s.

Fast forward to late Spring and I pop into a Ducati dealership for some parts – this is a very popular dealer that caters to the rich and famous. Their sales manager greeted me and said, “Are you here to leave me a deposit for the Desmo?” I replied, “How many deposits have to gotten so far?” He said, “23.” I said, “Then why would I leave you a deposit since there’s not enough bikes to be allocated.” He then said, “The 999R owners have priority. You own one of those don’t you?” I said, “No, I don’t.” He turned around and said, “Then you will never get one!” On my way home, I thought to myself…Really? Never?!

A few weeks pass and my friend Mike Moran, who works for Ducati North America, called and asked if I wanted to drive up with him to Laguna Seca for the GP and I agreed. On our way up, I shared my conversation about the D16RR. He said, “Since you are with the the Ducati AMA Superbike Team and friends with our CEO Michael Lock, why don’t you ask him at Laguna this weekend?”. So I did, I was at Ducati Island, walked up to Mr. Lock told him what was told to me. “Do you want one?” he responded. Suddenly I realized I had put myself on the spot!….”Yes” I said. He told me to contact his office next week and he’d be sure to allocate one for me.

I did and months later, Paul Lima, my buddy and owner of GP Cycles in San Diego, calls and says, “Hey Kaming, not sure what is going on but Ducati North America called, said fifteen D16RR are being flown in from Italy, and one is for you!” The following week, three D16RR’s were delivered to Southern California. One was for someone I didn’t know, one was for me, and one was for Tom Cruise.

Soon after, there was a D16RR premier party at the popular Ducati dealership I mentioned earlier. I didn’t go but I stopped by their store on the Sunday after and saw the owner of this dealership and he said to me, “You should have ordered one.” I responded, “I did, and another dealer is installing my exhaust as we speak, I am picking it up tomorrow.”

His eyes were wide open and confused and I never told him why I didn’t order from him. For Christmas 2008, I was invited to Ducati North America’s Christmas party in Hollywood, Mr. Michael Lock (CEO) was on stage and out of the blue he introduced me to everyone at the party as being the first D16RR registered owner in America! I ask him after, “I thought Tom Cruise was the first?” He responded, “Your warranty card came through our office before his. That’s how we know a bike was sold and delivery was taken. You are the first.””

The odometer shows 4,004 miles.

In preparation for the listing, the seller had us perform a safety inspection. Our service department notes the following in their condition report:

Gas Tank Condition: Ok
Tire Years – Front: 0921; Rear: 4220
Tire Life – Front: 100%; Rear: 100%
Tire Pressure – Front: 42 PSI; Rear: 42 PSI
Brake Life – Front: 95%; Rear: 95%
Hydraulic Fluid – Front: Fail, +3% Moisture; Rear: Fail, +3% Moist.;
Clutch: Fail, +3% Moist.
Engine Oil – Level: Ok; Quality: Clear, age unknown
Coolant – Level: Ok; Quality: Ok, 195mV
Low Beam: Ok
High Beam: Ok
Passing Light: Ok
Parking Light: Ok
Turn Signals: Ok
Tail Light: Ok
Brake Light: Ok
Plate Light: Ok
Killswitch: Ok
Horn: Ok
Fork: Ok
Shock/s: Ok
Final Drive: Ok, dry
Battery: 12.63V

*BST Carbon fiber wheels, rear 17″ conversion
*Dynojet quick shifter
*Protective film on bodywork
*Side stand modified

17″ BST carbon fiber wheels with ceramic bearings.

Race exhaust.

Quickshifter (GP-shift).

AFAM 520 chain kit.


Modified side stand for easier foot access:

Battery tender lead.

Inside of the tank:

It is riding on Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tires with date codes of 4220 and 0921.

The sale includes one key.

The sale also includes the original owner’s materials, Ducati Data Analyzer, stock wheels and the street muffler.

Please note: the seller has an additional pieces of OEM bodywork that he would be open to selling in a separate transaction.

Cosmetic Blemishes: please see the album up top for all known cosmetic blemishes. Note: many of the pictured blemishes are on top of the PPF. Here is a selection:

Currently located at our facility in Santa Monica, California, (please make an appointment for an inspection), this Ducati is offered on a clean California title. Have any Desmosedici stories or questions about this listing? Let us know in the “Comments” tab!

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