Additional photos of this set of GSX-R 750 bodywork are available here for your perusal.

Are you following us on Instagram yet? If so, you probably saw that we’re auctioning off a Suzuki GSX-R750 Slingshot with no reserve and that one of our buddies has a quality set of bodywork for the same bike. Several people asked us if we’d auction off said bodywork, so here you go!

The shop rag is in there to keep it dry/prevent rust and it is easily removed.

The set includes the front fairing, both side fairings, the tank, the left rear panel, and two rare solo seat cowls. It does not include the bellypan, right rear panel, or front fender.

The set is in good shape overall but there are some flaws, as to be expected for bodywork that’s over 30 years old. We note some scratches on the rear of the tank and a minor crack in the left side mirror mounting hole. We’ve included photos of everything in the album up top.

Please take a close look and let us know if you need additional images!