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Cycle Cynch offers four products – select your choice(s) from the top right menu!

As you may have seen on social media, Iconic has our own internal transportation department. When we ship bikes ourselves using our own equipment, we rely on the Cycle Cynch Original as well as the Cycle Cynch Rear to safely ship motorcycles. We trust this product and we highly recommend it to anyone that needs to transport bikes themselves.

Cycle Cynch has three options for the front and one option for the rear:

Cycle Cynch Original – $39.99
Cycle Cynch II (w/Tie Downs) $49.99
Cycle Cynch III Open Loops $39.99
Cycle Cynch Rear $69.99

Each of the three options for the front are designed to fasten your bike at the handlebars — but with slight differences depending on your needs.

The Cycle Cynch Original loops around each grip and features an adjustable tension line for added security.

For those who want even more convenient installation, the Cycle Cynch II incorporates a set of sewn-in tie-downs at the D-ring.

Finally, if you’re after something that can accommodate bars of all different shapes, sizes, and configurations (not to mention those with handguards or mirrors), the Cycle Cynch III is sure to be the ticket. It features an open design for easy fastening that’s just as secure as its counterparts when closed.

As impactful as each of the front fasteners are, however, it’s the Cycle Cynch Rear that’s truly a game changer. The heavy duty webbing wraps around the tire, while the O-rings pull the bike forward. We actually had some feedback for Cycle Cynch in terms of re-sizing the straps to make it easier to use tie-downs and they obliged – we’re very impressed with their customer service and the new design is available now!

Have any questions about installation or best use cases? Let us know in the ‘Comments’ tab!

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Santa Monica, California


Cycle Cynch

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Shipping Information

Continental US:
Haul Bikes will ship anything sold through Iconic for a starting rate of $750 in the Continental US (prices may increase in rural markets), and Iconic will handle the paperwork on your behalf. You do not need to crate your bike or drain the gas/disconnect the battery if you go with Haul Bikes. We are glad to work with the shipper of your choice as well, but you will have to arrange it.

Please note:

  • spares/extras will have to be shipped separately via FedEx or similar.
  • the fee includes $15,000 of insurance with a $500 deductible. Additional insurance can be purchased at a cost of $50 per additional $5,000 of value.
  • additional details can be found here

Southern California
On a case-by-case basis, we can transport motorcycles in our van.

We are located in Santa Monica, California 90405.
Local Rates (one way):
0-50 miles: $150
50-150 miles: $300

Please contact for a quote.

We recommend TFX

$1,500 for Los Angeles, CA to Canada is a ROUGH ballpark, please contact TFX for an exact quote including shipping and customs.

Europe and Asia:
We recommend Shippio

$5,000 for US to Europe/Asia is a VERY ROUGH ballpark which includes transport as well as customs fees and duties. Please contact Shippio for an exact quote.

Australia/New Zealand:
We recommend Bikes Abroad

$1,500 for US to Australia is a ROUGH ballpark, please contact Bikes Abroad for an exact quote including shipping and customs.

Sorry, CycleVIN report not available.

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