Additional photos of this Rothmans Livery Mini Bike are available here for your perusal.

Fair Warning: By default, Iconic Motorbike Auctions charges a credit card hold of $250 (or 7%…whichever is greater) to ward off fake bidders, but we for this specific auction we will not charge our usual fee. Any holds will be returned after the auction ends.

A buddy of ours sent this oddball pitbike our way, so we want to do something fun with it.

Adam has invited the high bidder to join us for dinner – we’ll use the proceeds from this auction to go towards the meal. In his words, “if it sells for $100, we’re hitting Arby’s. If it hits a bit more, I have a special place we need to go.” You’ll get to meet Adam, Danny, Sandro, Stephen, Abhi, and possibly our better halves as well.

We know three things about this bike:

1.) It was made in China
2.) It leaks fuel
3.) It’s got a sweet Rothmans paint job

Good luck – we look forward to meeting you!