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If you’d like to hear Adam, Jay, and Marc speak to the inspirations behind the Iconic MotoBox, check out the video below:

Additional photos are available here for your perusal.

We don’t just sell motorcycles here at Iconic – we try to get involved with all aspects of the sport, including transportation.

Typically, LTL (less than truckload) carriers are much faster than motorcycle-specific shippers, however they do not like transporting bikes as crates are prone to breaking and damage to their contents is (unfortunately) common. As such, we designed our own innovative solution to make shipment safe, secure, and efficient.

The MotoBox is machined right here in the USA from aluminum. Even with its relatively low weight, it’s built to a much higher strength standard and will be much more structurally sound. In order to prolong each box’s shelf life, we also designed them such that each individual panel can be replaced if damaged.

Our MotoBoxes will be stored at the distribution centers of our LTL and Air Freight partners. Because of their built-in receivers, they can be stacked up to two units high when filled and up to six units high when empty.

Beyond their improved structural integrity, MotoBoxes also provide far more peace of mind than your typical wooden crate. They feature a clamshell design in which the side panel and ramp lock the roof into place via a series of channels.

While the MotoBox is an ever-evolving concept, we’ve outfitted our current fleet with unique features to make each unit optimal for motorcycle transport, which include:

Wheel chock.

E-track for tie-downs and accessory mounting.

Low ramp for easy loading.

Access panel for reaching tie-down points.

Keyed locks for security.

Forklift slots.

Extra space for gear storage (we have an alternate design which is wider for riders who want to ship their track bike with their gear bag/spare parts/etc.).

Mounting points for caster wheels.

Inside latches for security.

Blocks for support.

Reinforcements for added strength.

Rubber feet for padding.

Gas struts to keep lid open.

Grab handle to facilitate easy closure.

We’re excited about the MotoBoxes as dedicated motorcycle shippers can take weeks to get bikes delivered. LTL carriers are typically able to make deliveries in 1-2 days from state to state and 5-7 days cross-country. No more waiting for your prized possession!

Currently located at our facility in Santa Monica, California (please make an appointment for an inspection), these MotoBoxes are offered on a Bill of Sale only. Have any transport stories or questions about this listing? Let us know in the “Comments” tab!

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Shipping Information

Continental US:
Haul Bikes will ship anything sold through Iconic for a starting rate of $750 in the Continental US (prices may increase in rural markets), and Iconic will handle the paperwork on your behalf. You do not need to crate your bike or drain the gas/disconnect the battery if you go with Haul Bikes. We are glad to work with the shipper of your choice as well, but you will have to arrange it.

Please note:

  • spares/extras will have to be shipped separately via FedEx or similar.
  • the fee includes $15,000 of insurance with a $500 deductible. Additional insurance can be purchased at a cost of $50 per additional $5,000 of value.
  • additional details can be found here

Southern California
On a case-by-case basis, we can transport motorcycles in our van.

We are located in Santa Monica, California 90405.
Local Rates (one way):
0-50 miles: $150
50-150 miles: $300

Please contact for a quote.

We recommend TFX

$1,500 for Los Angeles, CA to Canada is a ROUGH ballpark, please contact TFX for an exact quote including shipping and customs.

Europe and Asia:
We recommend Shippio

$5,000 for US to Europe/Asia is a VERY ROUGH ballpark which includes transport as well as customs fees and duties. Please contact Shippio for an exact quote.

Australia/New Zealand:
We recommend Bikes Abroad

$1,500 for US to Australia is a ROUGH ballpark, please contact Bikes Abroad for an exact quote including shipping and customs.

Sorry, CycleVIN report not available.

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