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Sold on January 18, 2021


Additional photos of this Vyrus can be found here. Please let us know if you require more images!

When we first heard about this bike, we thought it must have been some sort of knockoff by a pocketbike manufacturer, because we never could have imagined Vyrus developing such a small machine. Turns out we get to borrow an iconic line from Teri Hatcher in Seinfeld – it’s real, and it’s spectacular.

The previous owner has shown us correspondence with the Vyrus factory in Italy in which they confirm that 8 examples were built in 2005 – this is number 4. A Vyrus rep even amusingly states that for a small bike, “It was too expensive, even for us“. To put that in context, Vyrus was selling a naked superbike with a supercharged Ducati 1198cc motor called the 987 C3 4VV back in 2010. Pricing started at over $90,000. So they’ve got a slightly different idea about pricing than the rest of us, and they still figured this little bike wasn’t sustainable.

The model name breaks down as:
50 = displacement
C3 = cubic centimeters
2T = two stroke

Vyrus claims that the motor was developed for the Italian minimoto championship and that it’s rated for 13 horsepower. From a horsepower/liter standpoint, that’s 260!

When we got our hands on it, this Vyrus had never been started or even had fluids in it. Obviously, we had to change that, so Steve got it running and we filled her up with 2% pre-mix. You may have seen running videos on Instagram – we’ve posted some amazing machines on social media but the little Vyrus put all of them to shame from a views/shares standpoint. Everyone loves seeing Adam the giant on this little thing! Approximate dimensions are 2 feet high by 3 feet long. The previous owner acquired it in 2010, we’ve had it on display in our shop for about 5 months, and we’re looking to pass it along to an owner that will appreciate the unique rarity, as well as the incredible frame and hub-center steering setup that Vyrus is best known for.

Feel free to come by the shop to check out in person, but here are additional photos if you can’t visit. Please note the missing screw in the front fairing as well as the paint chip on the left side of the tank.

Vyrus is one of the most interesting names in motorcycling, though the prices of their machines reflect that. Here’s your chance to surprise your buddies with the ultimate pit bike or perfect coffee table display!

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