Old and New: Yamaha R1M and Yamaha RZV500R

The RZV500R was Yamaha’s MotoGP replica of the day, so when the seller of a fine example let us take his bike out for a spin before we auctioned it off, we thought it’d be nice to ride one alongside Yamaha’s current GP replica – the 2020 R1M!

Iconic Motorbikes Featured in RevZilla

Soon after we started up Iconic Motorbike Auctions, the fine folks over at RevZilla’s Common Tread asked Abhi some questions about the new venture. Did you catch the interview? Click this link to check it out!

9/15/19 Open House Recap

Come back in time with us to pre-COVID days when we were all allowed to hang out with each other.

Iconic Restoration Tips: Clearing Up Yellow Reservoirs

As 80s and 90s sportbikes become more collectible, completely original bikes will likely command a premium. Of course, even the most unmolested motorcycle is still subject to the ravages of time: materials like rubber or plastic are often hit hardest and can affect both the function and the aesthetics of a classic sportbike. They’re easily […]

Iconic Restoration Tips: Black Plastic and Rubber

Welcome back to Iconic Motorbikes’ Iconic Restoration Tips! Since our last post, Iconic Motorbikes’ resident mad scientist has been hard at work in the lab, working on new restoration tricks! When we left off, our yellowed fluid reservoirs had been returned to like-new condition, but the caps had been set aside for a future post. […]