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Please Note: This Kawasaki Ninja 400 sold before it was scheduled to go up on auction to an Iconic Member. We’ve added it to the site to help you value the Iconic goodness that we sell!

Click here for an CycleVIN Motorcycle History Report on this 2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400. Additional photos are available here for your perusal.

Introduced in 2018, the Ninja 400 was a gigantic step forward from the Ninja 300. It was more powerful and yet it was lighter, and it instantly became a popular platform for riders who wanted to hit the track.

Manufactured in November of 2018, this example is VIN: JKAEXKH13KDA31892.

The odometer shows 1,654 miles.

This is the personal track bike of Iconic’s very own Abhi – here is the story in his words, he apologizes in advance for the length but figures the next owner will appreciate the details/history:

The original owner of this bike purchased it new from Fun Bike Center in San Diego, California in October 2019 and then immediately took it to Jeremy Toye of Ninja400.com/Norton Motorsports to be built as a dedicated track bike with approximately $6,000 in parts (detailed in the Modifications section below).

After the work was performed, he rode the bike on the street for 150 miles to make sure there were no issues and then he used it as a track bike (no racing), primarily at Chuckwalla. He changed the oil/filter after every track day and mentioned that he started all of his bikes and ran them to full temperature every weekend. After ~2.5 years of ownership, he decided to sell the Ninja with the plan of upsizing to a ~650cc twin like the Aprilia RS660/Yamaha R7 and filled out a submission form to auction it with Iconic Motorbikes.

I’ve been lucky to have the luxury of trying out several different bikes at press launches but it always took me some time to get settled in with the variety so I wanted a dedicated track bike that I could get accustomed to and grow with. In the middle of February 2022, I was at Inde Motorsports Ranch to review Kyle Wyman’s Harley-Davidson King of the Baggers that he won the inaugural championship on – I was one of the last people to ride it before it got put into Harley’s museum – and I was chatting with a few journalist buddies there about an ex-Chaz-Davies Aprilia racebike that was on Iconic. I thought it would make for a cool first track bike, but I also mentioned this Ninja 400 that had just been submitted and people who I trust (Troy Siahaan, Michael Gilbert, Zack Courts, and Nic de Sena) all recommended I go with the Kawasaki to get into the world of track days.

Photo credit to Nathan May.

I bought this Ninja in late February 2022 with 1,182 miles on the odometer on one condition – I had to give the seller first right of refusal if I decided to sell (which I have done, he has passed on it). Our technician Olly gave it a once-over and then my buddy Nic de Sena of Ultimate Motorcycling (who was one of the people that convinced me to buy it) had me join him for a track day at Buttonwillow to show me the ropes as he also owns a well-prepped Ninja 400 track bike.

This bike was frequently with impressive company.

I’ve done five track events with the Iconic crew with this bike – Adam and Olly have ridden it, as have a few clients. The last time I took this out was the 2-day track event Iconic hosted at Laguna Seca in September 2022, as I ended up buying a Kramer 690 HKR Evo2 S earlier this year and that has become my go-to track day bike.

Photo credit to Nathan May.

Olly has kindly been my point person in terms of maintaining this bike. After every track event it got an oil/filter change. He also installed some longer (13.5″) Woodcraft clip-ons – I apologize, I no longer have the original ones.

The engine is stock, but the ECU has been flashed by Norton.

Akrapović Full exhaust system.

Penske shock.

GP Front Suspension (cartridges) with K-Tech Springs.

Vortex Rear sets (with spare set).

FTECU quickshifter, shift detent spring.

Woodcraft Riser clip-ons and bars.

Norton/Ninja 400.com MGP Fork Brace.

Driven Captive Wheel Spacers.

Norton Racing folding clutch and brake levers.

Ferodo CPro Carbon Ceramic front brake pads. (these work amazing but they require a few stops before they get up to temperature, don’t surprise yourself!)

Driven Racing Halo gas cap.

Hot bodies Race bodywork color form Green with Color Rite stock paint job.

Ninja400R.com complete sticker set with spares.

Not pictured is a Barnett clutch spring kit.

Inside of the tank:

It is riding on Pirelli Diablo Superbike slicks with date codes of 2020 and 2022.

The sale includes two keys (one pictured) and a rear wheel stand.

Cosmetic Blemishes: please see the album up top for all known cosmetic blemishes. Here is a selection:
The original owner noted some blemishes on the bodywork when I bought it from him. “I did not attach the bike loading ramp to my truck securely enough when I was loading the bike into my pick-up once and the back wheel kicked the ramp out. The bike subsequently landed on the tailgate of the truck and the lower cowl of the bodywork. Damages to bodywork include a small crack and a 1/2 inch wide X 3.5 inch long scuff that exposes some fiberglass.” I’m sure I’ve added some minor rub marks/scratches with use over the last 18 months but there isn’t anything serious for a track bike. This motorcycle has never been down at any speed during my ownership.

Currently located at our facility in Santa Monica, California (please make an appointment for an inspection), this Kawasaki is offered on a clean California title. Have any Ninja 400 stories or questions about this listing? Let us know in the “Comments” tab!

Please Note: This Kawasaki Ninja 400 sold before it was scheduled to go up on auction to an Iconic Member. We’ve added it to the site to help you value the Iconic goodness that we sell!

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