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Sold on January 18, 2021


Additional photos of this Ducati 998RS are available here for your perusal.

Ducati has made awe-inspiring motorcycles for years, but things can get extra special for a select few. Ducati Corse (the factory race department) sells factory race bikes to competitors, and one of the prettiest of all time is the 998RS.

This 998RS (VIN: ZDMH200AA2B021754) was bought brand new by Brad Miller from Ducati in Italy. His plan was to campaign this bike as part of the USA Red Bull team he started along with the ex-John Reynolds BSB Ducati 996RS that we recently sold, which Brad sourced from Revé Red Bull.

This particular 998RS ended up becoming the third backup bike for the USA Red Bull team, and as such it saw minimal track time. It was instead used more as a display bike for the team than an actual race bike, which is why when Brad won the #1 plate for the CCS race in Daytona, he put the plate on this bike even though he won the event on his 996RS.

Once the team dissolved, Brad sold both Ducatis to the current owner/seller, who chose to have them recrated for better stacking in his warehouse.

When we first received this 998RS from the seller, there was lots of magnesium corrosion on the triple, swingarm, and motor mount plates.

Adam was able to speak to Brad, who confirmed that the bike had very limited use, gave him a long ‘how to’ on the best way to start the bike, and then offered to buy it back. He also mentioned that when the bikes were in Florida, the magnesium would show corrosion just from sitting in the tent over the weekend so they had to keep constant moving air to help keep it at bay. Therefore, he was not at all surprised to see the build up from years in storage.

We sent the bike to a Ducati-certified friend who broke the bike down and sent us the parts – then the project began. We sent the triple, swingarm, and engine mount plates out to get cleaned up, then primered, then painted.

Brad Miller also confirmed that Ducati mandated he change the original side panels out. Apparently, the OEM carbon/kevlar panels made the bikes look wide and Ducati did not approve, so anyone with a 998RS was required to change the side panels to replacement fiberglass units through Ducati’s predetermined supplier and have them repainted. Said Ducati-approved fiberglass fairings are currently on the bike.

The bike comes with a near new bump starter with the Red Bull logo and a stand. It appears to have all the proper wiring, telemetry, you name it…just like when it was raced. Feel free to ask any questions and we’ll do our best to get you answers.

The 998RS is the rarest of the RS’s, and according to many enthusiasts it’s the best powerplant Ducati offered in race trim! Want to find out for yourself? Our White Glove service would be glad to make it a runner if the next owner wants to enjoy it on the track and not just on display.

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