Iconic Rides – 2022 Ducati Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak

More, more, more. That’s what every customer wants when a new version of a motorcycle comes out, so when Ducati revamped their iconic Multistrada lineup last year it was no surprise to see more technology, more cylinders, more power…even more wings. What did surprise me was seeing more in terms of the front wheel – […]

Iconic Rides – 2022 BMW R18 Transcontinental

“I’ve never seen a BMW that big.” I’m in Alamosa, Colorado and a gentleman at the fuel pump across from me has been eying my BMW R18 Transcontinental loaner for the last couple of minutes. Once he finally says something, I take my earplugs out and ask him to repeat himself. “I can’t believe BMW […]

Iconic Collections – The Race Bikes of Museu Moto Bassella

In Northeast Spain, there’s a small settlement (population: 231) called Bassella. Inside this lovely community is one of the most wonderful motorcycle museums you’ll find (motorcycle population: much more than 231). It’s truly an Iconic Collection – let’s spend some time focused on their race bike collection!

Iconic Rides – 2021 Aprilia Tuono 660

Five months ago I had the chance to ride one of the first RS660s that came into the US. Despite some pre-production issues, I loved it…and it made “me incredibly impatient for the Tuono 660.” Well, my wait is finally over! Let’s take a look and what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s iconic about Aprilia’s […]

IMS Visits Iconic Motorbikes!

Our friends over at the International Motorcycle Show recently came by the shop as part of a revamp for their second season of Inside the Garage. For this season, IMS is changing things up and taking garage tours of “celebrity riders, racers, and key players in the powersports industry and see what they got stashed […]

Iconic Collections – World Champions By 99 Museum

When you’re a world champion and you want to show off your stuff, why not create a museum that includes some memorabilia from your buddies, your heroes, and even a rival or two? Jorge Lorenzo tried it for himself – the #99 he wore in MotoGP inspired the name – so here’s a quick photo tour.

Iconic Collections – Museu de la Moto in Andorra

COVID’s making travel difficult right now, so let’s go back a couple of years to when Abhi was on a road trip in the Iberian Peninsula. Here’s some photos from a visit to Museu de la Moto in Andorra – a truly Iconic Collection.

Video: Adam’s Favorite Iconic Motorbikes

One of the most common questions we get is, “what’s your favorite bike?” There’s no way to pick just one, so let’s share three highlights from the Iconic Motorbikes collection!

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