Damon grew up in Las Vegas and has been pursuing his passion for motorcycles since he was five years old, cultivating a thorough understanding of motorcycles and a passion for riding. He is a Partner and Trial Attorney at Legal Ride Motorcycle Attorneys, a firm focusing on accidents, personal injury, and criminal law. Damon’s experience with motorcycles provides a substantial advantage for clients as he possesses the motorcyclist mentality and comprehends rider issues. These attributes provide the ability to reconstruct motorcycle accidents and communicate those issues to insurance agencies as well as juries with expert precision.

When not practicing law he can be found improving his own riding skills as a licensed road racer or providing advanced education for motorcyclists at an elite riding school. Locally, Damon strives to participate in community activities by educating motorcyclists about advanced riding knowledge to reduce motorcycle accidents and improve riding skill levels.

Damon also assists Nevada Legislators via the Motorcycle Critical Emphasis Area Team by providing recommendations regarding motorcycle specific legislative issues. 


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